The School provides the most important thing children are in need of: 

The ability to study well in a good school.


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Education system of Latvia

Secondary education (duration - 12 years)

School year. The regular school year (excluding examination periods at grades nine and twelve) lasts 36 weeks, from the beginning of September through to the end of May. The minimum total number of 40-minute lessons per week is 20 at grade one, 29 at grade five, 34 at grade nine and 36 at grade twelve.

Basic education (pamatizglītība) begins at six or seven years of age and lasts a total of  9. Graduates receive a nine-year basic school certificate (apliecība par pamatizglītību).

General upper secondary education (vispārējā vidējā izglītība) includes studies of at least 12 subjects, of which 5 (Latvian language and literature, mathematics, foreign language, history, physical education) are compulsory and no less than seven are elective. The elective subjects are chosen from the following: physics, chemistry, biology, computer science and information technology, economics, geography, basics of business, technical drawing, visual arts, housekeeping, second and third foreign language; human, nature and society; music, history of culture, history of religion, amateur performances; or other subjects proposed by the school and approved by the Ministry of Education and Science. Two different curriculum levels - basic (pamatkurss) and advanced (profilkurss) - are offered in each subject.

Certificate of general secondary education (atestāts par vispārējo vidējo izglītību) is awarded upon completion of the courses of at least twelve elective subjects and successful passing of five final examinations (two set nationally, three upon choice of the candidate). One examination must be at the advanced level of the respective subject.



Riga Secondary School No.13 has taken part in these State and International Projects: 

  • Charity Project for the Renovation of the Statue of Liberty.
  • International Young Water Explorators' Competition in Stockholm.
  • Project "Staro Rīga".
  • Latvian State History Competition "Kas pagātni pētī, tas nākotni svētī".
  • Project "Youth Way 2".
  • Talented Children Education Possibilities' Developement in School Project (Soros Foundation – Latvia).
  • International Project "Development of Special Education in Riga".
  • International Project "The Efficiency of Bilingual School" (Riga – Norrköping).
  • "The new partnership coordination cell for Peace programme" (NATO and SHAPE centers in Bruxelles).
  • International Conference "Languadge in Education Policies in the Baltic Countries – Challenge and Opportunity".
  • Helsinki University Project "Formation of Active Learning Methode and Democratic Environment".
  • Project ALADES (Latvia – Finland).
  • Project "European Dimension of the School" (Denmark). 


  • UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Project.
  • International week (European Year of Education through Sports) – Austria.
  • IPLE's 17th International Seminar "Productive Learning – a Bridge from School to Life" (Bulgaria).
  • International Project "Let's Change, Let's Make a Change"
  • Project "Enterprising Education in Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Finland"
  • 2009. – 2012.g. COMENIUS Multicultural School Partnership project "Citizenship - globally and locally"
  • "Comenius assistantship" project by ESF and COMENIUS
  • Riga School Festival "Iekrāsojam rudeni kopā"
  • International Children Festival in Istanbul "Spring Festival"
 and other projects ...

Our school booklet for COMENIUS International Partnership Project is available below:


Comenius Latvia Riga13vsk - копия




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