The School provides the most important thing children are in need of: 

The ability to study well in a good school.


Student Council


Riga Secondary School No.13 has taken part in these State and International Projects: 

  • Charity Project for the Renovation of the Statue of Liberty.
  • International Young Water Explorators' Competition in Stockholm.
  • Project "Staro Rīga".
  • Latvian State History Competition "Kas pagātni pētī, tas nākotni svētī".
  • Project "Youth Way 2".
  • Talented Children Education Possibilities' Developement in School Project (Soros Foundation – Latvia).
  • International Project "Development of Special Education in Riga".
  • International Project "The Efficiency of Bilingual School" (Riga – Norrköping).
  • "The new partnership coordination cell for Peace programme" (NATO and SHAPE centers in Bruxelles).
  • International Conference "Languadge in Education Policies in the Baltic Countries – Challenge and Opportunity".
  • Helsinki University Project "Formation of Active Learning Methode and Democratic Environment".
  • Project ALADES (Latvia – Finland).
  • Project "European Dimension of the School" (Denmark). 


  • UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Project.
  • International week (European Year of Education through Sports) – Austria.
  • IPLE's 17th International Seminar "Productive Learning – a Bridge from School to Life" (Bulgaria).
  • International Project "Let's Change, Let's Make a Change"
  • Project "Enterprising Education in Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Finland"
  • 2009. – 2012.g. COMENIUS Multicultural School Partnership project "Citizenship - globally and locally"
  • "Comenius assistantship" project by ESF and COMENIUS
  • Riga School Festival "Iekrāsojam rudeni kopā"
  • International Children Festival in Istanbul "Spring Festival"
 and other projects ...

Our school booklet for COMENIUS International Partnership Project is available below:


Comenius Latvia Riga13vsk - копия




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