The School provides the most important thing children are in need of: 

The ability to study well in a good school.


Student Council


We are proud of our past and present.

         The Riga Secondary School No. 13 opened its doors on 1 September 1951. For 60 years, the School has changed its name and appearance many times. 

         The school building was designed by architect J.Pupols, consulted by Professor J.Birznieks. Practical construction was supervised by the Civil Engineer A.Sorokin.

         The Headmasters of Riga Secondary School No.13:

  1. N. Gendriks (1951. — 1958.g.)
  2. N. Liksašina (1958. — 1962.g.)
  3. J. Celova (1962. — 1970.g.)
  4. Kurašova M. (1970. — 1979.g.)
  5. N. Dņeprovska (1979. -– 1983.g.)
  6. I. Freidenfelds (1983. — 1984.g.)
  7. L. Krutikova (1984. —  ...)
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